Save The Date: December 19th – Hear the East Coast Premiere of the DFC’s Theme Song

“DISNEYANA!” (The Official Theme Song of the Disneyana Fan Club) will be performed at Walt Disney World on December 19, 2016 by the HARNETT CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND.

This will mark THE FIRST TIME THE SONG HAS EVER BEEN PERFORMED AT A DISNEY THEME PARK!! and will be the very first time a MARCHING BAND will have performed it.

ROBBIE SHERMAN (son and nephew of BOB & DICK SHERMAN, respectively) wrote the song for the DISNEYANA FAN CLUB and premiered it last year during the 2015 DisneyanaMania Convention in Anaheim, California.  Robbie will also be present during the parade at WALT DISNEY WORLD.

After the parade, Robbie will invite everyone in the group to join him on the ‘IT’S A SMALL WORLD” ride where he will recount a story or two about the song and how WALT DISNEY first gave the SHERMAN BROTHERS the assignment to write it.

Later on, Robbie will be giving a symposium about his legendary father and uncle, THE SHERMAN BROTHERS, all on what would have been his father, BOB SHERMAN’s 91st Birthday. The symposium will focus on the Sherman Family’s special relationship with WALT DISNEY, FLORIDA, WALT DISNEY WORLD and EPCOT.

This event will constitute the 2016 installment of the annual WALKING WITH GIANTS series, which Robbie began in 2014 and which has been arranged exclusively through the Disneyana Fan Club.  It will be the only WALKING WITH GIANTS event held in 2016.

WALKING WITH GIANTS will return to CALIFORNIA in 2017.